What's a BumFloat?

As most lake dwellers know, an upside-down life jacket makes a pretty cool float. Trouble is, life jackets aren’t designed to be worn upside-down. They don’t fit right, they chafe your legs, and they’re just generally uncomfortable.

So we decided to make a better alternative. We made it comfortable. We made it awesome. We patented it. We call it the BumFloat.

BumFloats are perfect for anyone who likes to bum around in the water with friends and family. The patented design is comfortable, floats perfectly and allows for complete range of motion in the water. This is key when reaching for things on the dock or boat - like sunscreen or a cold beverage.

Throw ‘em in the boat, stack ‘em in the boathouse, sport ‘em at the pool, bring ‘em on vacation. BumFloats are perfect for lakes, relaxed oceans, pools and just about anywhere else you’ll find a calm water hangout spot.

It’s important to note that BumFloats are not certified by the Coast Guard or any other official agency and should not be used as life jackets or life saving devices. So be careful out there and use your brain when you use your BumFloat.